reserve your dorm prior to university of florida acceptance

Windsor Hall is a great place to live your first year!

Hannah - University of Florida Freshman

Windsor is a great place to live, especially for 1st year students! The closets are huge and it's nice to have a bathroom, fridge, and microwave right there in the room. I really enjoy the pool/deck area for laying out and swimming. It's super close to campus, whether you walk, bike, or take the bus, which has a stop conveniently down the road.

It was a great experience.

Peyton - University of Florida Freshman

I definitely recommend living in Windsor. It is far better than living in the dorms. The closets are big and the pool is great to have.

I couldn't have picked a better place to live.

Emily - University of Florida Freshman

Choosing to live in Windsor Hall made my freshman year at the University of Florida so enjoyable. I moved into my single room in Summer B and loved it. Between the privacy, peaceful halls, and luxurious environment, I couldn’t have picked a better place to live. During the summer, I hung at the pool every afternoon, and my friends and I use always the living room to study together and catch up. I’m a 5 minute walk from sorority row, classes, and pretty much anything I need. Choosing a dorm was a big decision for both my parents and I, but I could not be happier with my home away from home.

Love attached bathrooms in Windsor Hall.

Anonymous - University of Florida Freshman

I heard so many horror stories about the bathrooms in on-campus dorms that when I found out about the luxury dorm Windsor Hall, and their attached private bathrooms, I knew it was perfect for me. I don't have to worry about 35+ people using my bathroom. That's GROSS!

Closer to campus.

Alex - University of Florida Freshman

Windsor Hall is great. It's a dorm, but an apartment type too! Closer to campus than even some on-campus places.

They matched me and my roommate so well.

Alix - University of Florida Freshman

I love living in Windsor! They matched me and my roommate so well. We haven't had one fight all year. If I wasn't living in my sorority house next year, I would live with her. They accommodate so well and the location is great for Sorority Row!

Great place to live.

Casey - University of Florida Sophomore

Windsor Hall is a great place to live. Since I’m a sophomore, I’ve had the opportunity to reside in two different types of rooms at Windsor. Both of them had a kitchenette, a full-size refrigerator, and an attached bathroom, features that few students are likely to find in a traditional dorm. Honestly, the only complaint I’ve ever had about Windsor is in regards to noise, but any noise (ex. the sound of my upstairs neighbors walking) is usually fairly mild and can be ignored. Anyways, given the features and appearance of Windsor Hall (it looks like a fancy hotel) and the privacy I get from living in a single I’m really happy I decided to live here.

Great freshman dorm experience.

Aubrey - University of Florida Freshman

I lived at Windsor my first year, and it was a perfect fit for me. I've had a great freshman dorm experience and met a lot of other University of Florida students there. It's only a 2 minute walk to my sorority and a 5 minute walk to all of my classes, which is extremely convenient. I love being able to have a traditional dorm experience like any of the dorms on campus, but having a lot more space and privacy. I would definitely recommend Windsor to all incoming freshman!

Love the convenience of being so close to campus!

Maria - University of Florida Freshman

I love the fact that I did not live in a traditional dorm yet still had all the convenience of being so close to campus and a bus stop!

Got the college dorms experience without the negatives of traditional dorms.

Kyle - University of Florida Freshman

I lived at Windsor my first year at University of Florida. I met 2 other guys at Windsor who I've been friends with since. I got the 'college dorm experience' without having to worry about all the negatives that freshmen experience in traditional dorms, like having to carry shampoo down the hall everyday and wear flip flops in the shower. And I liked cooking in my attached kitchenette (even if it was just heating up pizza). I had the on campus meal plan, too, and it was great.

Windsor was way nicer than I expected and cheaper.

Jaleesha - University of Florida Sophomore

My freshman year I lived in an on-campus dorm, Springs. I got annoyed with living so far away from my classes, and I wanted something nicer and more upscale. For my sophomore year, I looked into the luxury dorm Windsor Hall instead. Windsor was way nicer than I expected. It's really upscale. The Windsor rooms have attached bathrooms and kitchenettes, and they're a LOT larger than a lot of the doubles on-campus. I like that there's a pool. And it's actually cheaper than what I'd pay next year. I'd pay $765/month at Springs, and Windsor is only $550/month all-inclusive. My parents were happy that the place I wanted to live at was cheaper AND better than what I have on-campus.

Roommate matching is surprisingly good.

Butler - University of Florida Freshman

Very spacious, considering it's a dorm-style apartment; you get your own bathroom, which is a plus, and The roommate matching system is surprisingly good.

Perks of living in a dorm while being spacious & clean.

Catherine - University of Florida Freshman

I really enjoyed living at Windsor Hall my freshman year. It was a great location for my classes and sorority involvement. It has the perks of living in a dorm while being more spacious and clean. Also the customer service was wonderful and made for a very positive experience.

Great place for incoming freshman.

Jamie - University of Florida Freshman

I found Windsor Hall to be a great place for incoming freshmen. The place felt welcoming and allows students to engage with others and study in a quiet environment. The rooms are spacious as well as quiet.

It makes me feel like I'm at home.

Michelle - University of Florida Freshman

My room is so much bigger than the University of Florida dorms, but I still get the "dorm" experience. I've met tons of nice girls hanging out in the kitchen or in our living room. It makes me feel like I'm at home, and I love showing the place off. I highly recommend living here! I love having a pool in the backyard too!

I have the privacy I want along with the social atmosphere.

Amy - University of Florida Freshman

I started at the Univesity of Florida in Summer B and lived in Springs, which is one of the on-campus dorms. It was a tough transition for me. From the housing paperwork I received from the University of Florida, I thought I was going to get a nice dorm, and I was really unhappy with the actual room when I got here. I thought I was going to get a dorm room like what you see in the movies, and let's just say that I see now why they don't give tours of the actual on-campus dorm rooms that people live in during Preview. Plus, since they do random roommate assignments, my roommate was messy and loud and nothing like me. For Fall, I wanted a reasonably priced Single room if possible or one with an attached bathroom. I thought about staying on-campus again in the Fall and taking my chances, but for on-campus dorms you just don't get what you request. With my luck I'd end up in a triple without a/c. So I went to Windsor Hall, where they guarantee you whichever style and size room you request. Now I have my own Single dorm room suite, bathroom, and kitchenette. I'm close enough to campus, I can sleep in late and skip the bus. I have the privacy I want along with the social atmosphere. And I rushed my freshmen year, and my sorority is just down the street. It's definitely the best fit for me.

Super convenient for sorority life.

Deirdre - University of Florida Freshman

Windsor has turned out to be the perfect match for my roommate and I! We are both in sororities so the location is super convenient. Also, the room match worked out awesome! We are super close and love Windsor as our home.

It was so clean.

Alexa - University of Florida Freshman

My room is great! It is very spacious and when I got there it was so clean! Everything works perfectly fine! The people living in Windsor are all super nice and the lobby area is a great place to meet everyone. There's also a pool where we can relax and talk to other people! I feel right at home!