Looking for the Traditional UF Dorms Experience…

  • Walkable & Convenient You won’t have to worry about transportation when you live so close to University of Florida buildings, libraries, sorority row, clubs, and activities. Living close is convenient and more affordable than living further off campus.
  • Meet New Friends You’re bound to meet lots of different people from all walks of life when you live in the dorms. You will share experiences and your network of acquaintances and friends will enrich your life.
  • Positive Transition To Adulthood When you have never lived independently, navigating the responsibilities of adulthood can be a challenge. That’s why living in a dorm is a good option. Your bills are included in your rent, so you can focus on the demands of college life.
  • Focus On Academics Form study groups with roommates and other students and stay focused on why you here in the first place; to learn. You will find a strong sense of community and academics in a UF dorm environment.

Without Compromising Your Quality of Life?

  • Expansive Floorplans The dorm setting shouldn’t be so crowded that your roommates get on your nerves. At Windsor Hall, our dorms are up to 60% larger offering more space for you and your roommates to relax, hang out, and study.
  • Well Thought-Out Spaces These luxury dorms are more spacious and more comfortable than traditional dorm rooms and our common areas allow you to form study groups or hang out with friends and enjoy all that campus life has to over.
  • Amenities That Count From our gourmet kitchens, laundry facilities on each floor, elevator and our private pool with relaxing sundeck, these luxury dorms feature spaces for you to relax and unwind.
  • Roommate Matching Available Request to live with friends or answer our questionnaire to help you find the right roommates. Our extensive matching service seeks to blend compatible lifestyles, hobbies, and habits.

Windsor Hall Student housing near UF

University of Florida students looking for the best dorm should strongly consider Windsor Hall instead of traditional UF housing and residence halls (such as Broward Hall, Beaty, Hume Hall, etc.). Windsor offers the true dorm experience, steps from class, with private bathrooms, the largest rooms, newer construction, and an upscale setting where you can meet other students.

  • Assigned Parking Available With Monthly Fee
  • Bathroom & Kitchenette In Every Room
  • Steps From Classes
  • One Co-Ed & One Female-Only Building
  • Singles, Doubles & Triples

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