Windsor Hall

University of Florida students looking for the best dorm should strongly consider Windsor Hall instead of a traditional University of Florida housing and residence halls (such as Broward Hall, Beaty, Hume Hall, etc.). Windsor offers the true dorm experience, steps from class, with private bathrooms, the largest rooms, newer construction, and an upscale setting where you can meet other students.

  • Steps from Classes
  • Singles & Doubles
  • 1 co-ed & 1 female-only building
  • Bathroom & Kitchenette in EVERY room
  • Reserved Parking Available With Monthly Fee

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Pace Frequently Asked Questions

Windsor Hall is among the only residence halls that University of Florida PaCE students are eligible to live in during their first year. Students accepted into the standard University of Florida on-campus program are also eligible to live at Windsor Hall, so PaCE students will be integrated into a dorm with University of Florida general population students, too. Living in a dorm environment in Gainesville will allow PaCE students to live around other University of Florida students, join sororities and fraternities accepting PaCE students, attend football and basketball games, pursue internships, take part in extracurriculars, get to know the University of Florida campus, and join student clubs and organizations for which they are eligible. By living in Gainesville in the heart of the University of Florida student area, they will have more of the ‘true college experience’ during their freshman year.

National studies show that first year college students who live in residence halls have a higher gpa, more on-campus involvement, a stronger sense of community with their classmates, and a higher graduation rate when compared with students who do not live in residence halls their first year. One of the primary concerns for University of Florida PaCE students is that they will miss out on “the true college experience”. But living in a luxury residence hall allows them to live amongst other University of Florida students (including those taking on campus classes) in a social environment where they will meet and interact with other like-minded students going through the University of Florida freshman experience together. They can attend football games, rush a fraternity or sorority, eat in the dining halls, study in the University of Florida libraries, hang out at the student hangouts, and join student organizations and clubs. Put simply, by living in a freshman residence hall, they can have the college experience that they expected they would have when admitted to the University of Florida.


Yes. Several students have friends who were admitted to the standard, on-campus University of Florida collegiate program. Students living at Windsor Hall can request specific roommates within PaCE, within the standard University of Florida campus program, or students who are beginning their college career at Santa Fe and transferring to University of Florida at a later date.

Yes. Students can request specific students within the PaCE program.

Windsor Hall is a private luxury residence hall. They are classified as residence halls by the United States Government, but they are not owned or associated with the University of Florida. They are true dorms and residence halls.

Windsor Hall is located within walking distance to one of the university’s most popular dining halls: Broward Dining. Like most traditional on-campus residence halls, there is not a dining hall within the actual residence hall. On-campus residence halls share centrally located dining halls. Students living at all the residence halls have the same options for University of Florida meal plans. In addition to the food that they can eat in the Dining Halls, Windsor Hall rooms have a kitchenette inside. Because of the kitchenette, many students living at Windsor save money by choosing the University of Florida’s declining balance meal plan and eating some of their meals in their rooms.

  1. Get to know your options by viewing the FAQs
  2. Choose your preferred room size (single, double, or triple)
  3. Choose your preferred residence hall (need help? Check out this comparison or call and speak with a housing specialist)
  4. Fill out the reservation form, and we’ll send you everything you need

Single Rooms

From $989/mo

Windsor Hall’s private UF dorms near the University of Florida offer space all to yourself in a social, community setting. Placement is guaranteed. Freshmen and upperclassmen are welcomed to apply.

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Double Rooms

From $725/mo

Roommate matching is available, and each room at Windsor Hall offers a bathroom and kitchenette. Live in style and enjoy spacious dorms at University of Florida, conveniently steps away from campus.

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Triple Rooms

From $599/mo

Every triple suite at Windsor Hall has an attached kitchenette, bathroom, and many other premier features that provide residents with an even better UF dorms experience.

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Off-Campus UF Houses

From $4429/mo

Looking for more space? Check out Windsor Hall’s off-campus UF houses.

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The Reservation Process

Rooms are filling quickly for Fall 2024 Move-In

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Coming to Gainesville for a University of Florida campus tour? Schedule a tour while you’re in town. Our leasing specialists are available Monday – Friday by appointment. Give us a call or click here to schedule a tour and reserve your room.

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Not coming to the University of Florida in the next couple of weeks? Most students choose to reserve housing via email. To easily secure your room, click here to enter your info. We’ll email you your housing paperwork and instructions (remember: your room is not reserved until we receive the completed paperwork. Several room styles are already full, and the remaining single dorm rooms are filling quickly).

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UF Student Reviews

Bis Portrait


University of Florida PaCE Freshman

I love Windsor. It was a great place to live for my first year. I got a good roommate through the roommate matching, and a lot of students in here are in the PaCE program, so we would all get together sometimes and talk about our classes. A lot of us are taking the same classes. So I got to know a lot of students here. Since we were not allowed to live on campus, the first place that was actually recommended to me was Windsor Hall and Ivy House, so I toured both of them, but I liked Windsor more, especially because we have our own bathroom instead of a communal bathroom. The rooms are really nice and a lot bigger than the rooms on campus. I’ve seen them. They’re really small. And I’m really glad I chose Windsor Hall. It was a great way to start my first year here.

Erin Portrait


University of Florida Freshman

I ended up being closer to my classes than the dorm I requested on-campus, and the rooms were definitely nicer and larger. If I had signed earlier I could've had an even bigger room!

Kyle Portrait


University of Florida Freshman

I met two other guys at Windsor who I've been friends with since I got the 'college dorm experience' without having to worry about all of the negatives of the freshmen experience in traditional dorms, like having to carry shampoo down the hall every day and wear flip flops in the shower. And I liked cooking in my attached kitchenette (even if it was just heating up pizza). I had the on-campus meal plan, too, and it was great.

Allyson Portrait


University of Florida Freshman

I heard so many horror stories about the bathrooms in on-campus dorms that when I found out about the luxury dorm Windsor Hall, and their attached private bathrooms, I knew it was for me. I don't have to worry about 35+ people using my bathroom. That's GROSS!

Amy Portrait


University of Florida Sophomore

For Fall, I wanted a reasonably priced single room or one with an attached bathroom. I thought about staying on-campus again in the Fall and taking my chances, but for on-campus dorms you just don't get what you request. I went to Windsor Hall, and now I have my own single dorm room suite, bathroom, and kitchenette. I have the privacy I want along with the social atmosphere. Also, I rushed my freshman year, & my sorority is just down the street. It's definitely the best fit for me.


University of Florida Freshman

I came to UF not knowing anyone, and I didn't want to live in a traditional dorm because I knew that they did random roommate assignments. I chose Ivy House in part because they have free roommate matching that matches students by personality, study habits, and stuff like that. They did a great job. I got along great with the girl they matched me with. We are still friends to this day and continued to live together at the same place when we moved out of the dorms.


University of Florida Freshman

I love Trimark. My room is so much bigger than the University of Florida dorms, but I still get the "dorm" experience. I've met tons of nice girls hanging out in the kitchen or in our living room. It makes me feel like I'm at home, and I love showing the place off. I highly recommend living here! I love having a pool in the backyard too!


University of Florida Freshman

I absolutely love living at Ivy House! I have lived here for the past 3 years and have really been blessed with such an awesome room and location. I couldn't be happier living in a single and love the fact that I've made great friends living here too!