When applying to one of our dorm rooms prior to acceptance, requesting a Freshman Contingency Addendum is recommended. When you have signed your housing contract, the Freshman Contingency Addendum allows you to cancel your lease with Windsor Hall Dorms, should you not be accepted to the University of Florida. Cancellation will be permitted by sending proof of non-acceptance to Windsor Hall Dorms by March 3rd, 2023. Students applying for fall 2023 admissions will be notified regarding acceptance in February 2023, this Contingency Addendum allows five days to let us know if you are not accepted. Due to the high demand for the Windsor Hall Dorms, it is highly recommended you do not wait to apply for off-campus housing near the University of Florida until after receiving acceptance. The most popular room sizes are often reserved/leased prior to acceptance letters being sent out. If you have signed a Freshman Contingency Addendum and provided proof of non-acceptance, any pre-paid deposits, and the redecoration fee will be fully refunded. For complete details on the Freshman Contingency Addendum, please request a copy from one of our leasing specialists by texting or calling (352) 554-6219.

If the University of Florida is not your first choice and/or you do not intend to move to Gainesville and/or live at Windsor Hall Dorms, you should not request a room reservation for fall 2023. If you do not have proof of non-acceptance from the University of Florida, you will be responsible for the housing installment payments stated in your signed leasing agreement, even if you do not attend the University of Florida.

Applications may be started online, over the phone, or in our leasing office with one of our leasing specialists. A tour of Windsor Hall Dorms can be scheduled with at least one day advance notice, except on the weekends. Please call or text our leasing office to set up an appointment at (352) 554-6219.

The room reservation process is not considered complete, and your space will not be held until the following are completed.

  • A parent/legal guardian signs onto the housing agreement (in addition to the resident).
  • After the management team reviews the paperwork, instructions for paying the $250 redecorating fee plus a $50 application fee online will be texted or emailed to you. We recommend submitting the payment online immediately in order to avoid losing your spot to another prospective resident. Your space is not on hold until your paperwork is complete, and your $300 fee is paid. Once a staff member confirms availability, payment, and completed paperwork, a unit can be confirmed and assigned.
  • A parent will be required to fill out the Guarantor Agreement. This form will be subject to credit approval, and proof of income (3x monthly payment amount), is required in order to process your application.

Absolutely! You may request a roommate during the online application process. Roommate requests are important to us, and we will make every attempt to meet that request if both applicants/students sign up for the same size room before the desired floorplan has reached capacity.

We provide a roommate matching service for students looking for roommates. We aim to match students with similar interests using our matching questionnaire. Our goal is to blend compatible lifestyles, hobbies, and habits among residents. Many students will also use the corresponding Facebook page for the Windsor Hall Dorms to select their own roommate. Our leasing specialists are available to assist you through the process if you have any questions.

Yes! PACE students do not have the option to live in a traditional University of Florida dorm but can live at Windsor Hall Dorms. Visit the PACE Dorm Webpage for more information. Windsor Hall Dorms are one of the best dorms for Innovation Academy students with academic schedules starting in the spring. In addition to luxury amenities, we provide a location close to classes, internships, social events, football games, and much more. Living at Windsor Hall Dorms provides Innovation Academy students the opportunity to interact with other University of Florida students in a dorm environment.

In addition to the dorm room, monthly payments include access to the apartment common areas, community amenities, pool, package area and pick-up, water & sewage, electric, pest control & garbage, and high-speed internet.

Depending on your unique needs and preferences, the following may apply.

  • $20 Building A (Female Only)
  • $10 Pool View
  • $20 Wood Floor Placement
  • $50 Upgraded Furniture
  • $50 Balcony
  • $20 New Mattress
  • $250 Redecorating Fee
  • $200 Security Deposit
  • $50 Application Fee per Applicant (Includes Applicant & Guarantor)

Monthly payments can be paid online through our easy payment portal. We accept ACH payments, credit cards, personal checks, money orders, and cashier’s checks. Monthly payments are due on the first day of each month, and late fees will incur if payment is not received by the third day of each month.

Windsor Hall Dorms accepts financial aid. You must do the following in order to use your financial aid funding at Windsor Hall Dorms:

  • All scholarships are sent directly to the University of Florida and are applied to tuition before any excess amounts are disbursed to the students for housing, books, etc. After the drop/add period, when you receive scholarships/grants/etc. in excess of tuition fees for that semester, students are typically allowed to withdraw that money for housing, living expenses, books, etc.

Keep the following in mind:

  • The reservation fee for Windsor Hall Dorms is due at signing.
  • August and September installments are due prior to when financial aid is dispersed in the fall semester.
  • The January and February installments are due prior to when financial aid is dispersed in the Spring semester.

Many students and parents pay for those months out of pocket (and/or reimburse themselves after the fact with any excess financial aid). The University of Florida Student Financial Affairs can provide more information at (352) 392-1275. You can also speak with a team member about payment options at (352) 554-6219.

Like most student communities, we offer term-length leases. Our standard, full lease term begins in August and ends July 31st of the following year. Payment is due on the first day of August prior to move-in and the 1st day of every month thereafter, and considered late by the third day, with additional late fees to be applied.

Move-in dates for Windsor Hall Dorms vary based on the dorm building you choose and the semester that you move in (see below). All residence halls have move-in dates before classes begin, giving students time to make friends and get to know the campus.

  • Windsor Hall Building A (all female): August 15, 2023
  • Windsor Hall Building B (co-ed): August 17, 2023
  • University of Florida classes begin August 23, 2023

Upon arrival, come to the Windsor Hall Dorms leasing office during your student’s assigned move-in time to obtain lease paperwork, room keys, and parking information (if applicable). Afterward, you may head over to your room and start unpacking or ask us for directions and information for the nearest store or grocery for the items you still may need.

Windsor Hall’s leasing office is located in Unit #133 in Building B.

Each room has a kitchenette that includes a refrigerator, sink, and microwave.

Yes! Residents can sign up for an assigned parking space for $250 per month. We recommend that you reserve your space early, as parking is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. Scooter parking is $75.

Students who live in our luxury dorms have access to all the positives that come with living in student housing. Windsor Hall residents will make lifelong friends, enjoy short walks to campus, and experience the amenities that come with calling these luxury dorms home.

Yes. Renters insurance is needed prior to signing your lease at Windsor Hall in the amounts of $10K in personal property and $100K in liability coverage. Residents may purchase their own policy and submit their proof of insurance at the time of lease signing or a policy may be purchased through the online application process through our preferred vendor, Resident Shield. Most renters’ insurance policies are very affordable with policy premiums averaging under $20 each month.

Yes. The property’s policy is included here for family occupants with children under the age of eighteen (18) who is domiciled with (i) at least one parent, legal guardian, or another person having legal custody of the child under the age of eighteen, or (ii) the designee of such parent or other person having such custody, with written permission of such parent or other person. For family households with children, all household members age eighteen (18) or older must: (A) complete an application, and (B) sign the lease as a Resident. For family households with children under the age of eighteen (18), at least two (2) people will be permitted to occupy a single bedroom. If a family household with children under the age of eighteen (18) requires additional occupancy per bedroom, additional occupants may be allowed on a case-by-case basis based on factors including, but not limited to, the size of the bedroom(s) and unit, age of the children, configuration of the unit, any physical limitations of the property, and local occupancy codes. If the child occupant reaches eighteen (18) years of age during the term of the lease, the lease will be allowed to complete its term, but renewal will only be offered in compliance with the occupancy policy as stated. Child occupants who are under twenty-four (24) months at the time the lease is signed will not be counted under the occupancy policy for purposes of maximum occupancy but will be counted for subsequent leases if they reach the age of twenty-four (24) months during the term of the lease. The Landlord has the right to lease any empty bedroom(s). Families should contact the office directly regarding the application for family households, as this process varies from individual leasing and the required forms are not all available electronically.